RE-VIVAL our recycled eco-friendly yarns

Nature recycles itself and we have to learn about it. BTM transforms upcycled plastic bottles & waste into yarn.

How do we turn waste into yarn?

Recycled yarn manufacturing process


Plastic bottles and other sort of plastics are collected from different sources, including seas and oceans, carefully sorted out and deeply cleaned.


They are splitted out into millions of tiny flakes at a later stage liquified into plastics pellets ready to be turned into yarn.


Through the spinning process, plastic pellets turns into yarn by being drawn.


All these processes make possible to guarantee the dyeing affinitty of our recycled yarns.

We offer the same finishes as the regular yarn for our recycled yarn:

Eco-friendly quality seal by BTM


We have created our own quality seal so that you and your customers can identify your products manufactured with our RE-VIVAL yarns, which are respectful with the planet, with human rights and animals.

We have included annex 6 to our oeko-tex certification which is more restrictive with the harmful products that affect the health of the humans and our planet.

We strictly follow all the environmental rules of the main certifications:

· GRS – Global Recycled Standard
· Oeko-Tex annex 6
· Reach
· RoHS
· Blauer Engel

Advantages of using
RE-VIVAL 100% recycled yarn

Why recycled yarns?

Most of the plastic waste in oceans and seas flows from land carried by major rivers. They can have a lifespan of some minutes to hours, but they may persist in the environment for hundreds of years. Once caught up in oceans currents, it can be transported all around the world reaching deep-seas areas never before touched by humans.
It is difficult to say exactly how much plastic is in the oceans, scientists estimate that about 8 million metric tons enter the ocean every year.

We care about our planet.

As a MEDITERRANEAN BRAND, we are very concerned about the mediterranean pollution. It is estimated than 95% of mediterranean waste is plastic. But this is not our only concern, we would be very irresponsible if we would not be concerned about the rest of world’s seas and oceans and of course, the natural environment in general.

Our values

knows very well its origins
in harmony with nature
with a direct speech
& animal well-being

We are certified

We are certified with the GRS – Global Recycled Standard for 100% recycled PES & PA yarns. Certification nr.: 1004279
We have included ANNEX 6 to our OEKO-TEX Certification Nr.: 2008AN2848 which is more restrictive with all the harmful products that affect the health of our Planet.
REACH NORM – Which controls the contained Chemical products and mixtures of its large lists of restricted products.
We strictly follow the environmental rules of the main certifications (OEKO-TEX ANNEX 6, REACH, RoHS, BLAUER ENGEL, GRS, etc.)
We don’t cooperate with enterprises that can’t prove that the Human Rights are strictly followed.
NO animal testing. We are able to provide you with our EUROPEAN V-LABEL Certificate.

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More than 30 years of experience ensure our service. BTM has innovated to adapt the company to the new times, becoming more international by maintaining its corporative values and the quality of their products.
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